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With our five-year experience in the crypto market together with otc bitcoin exchange, and close cooperation with reputable banks and law firms, in full compliance with the requirements of the bitcoin otc stock legislation, we are capable of carrying out secure, convenient, and fast bitcoin otc stock settlements at the otc bitcoin exchange with the maximum benefit for the customers.


Our features


We can carry out transactions involving escrow agents. Escrow agents are reputable law firms or international banks that help us bring the highest level of security to our clients.


All this is due to direct buyer-seller communication, recommendations, and a continually growing client base. Be sure to have a counter offer in a relatively short period of time.


Payments through banks in BTC-friendly jurisdictions with proof of origin of BTC or fiat money. Now, it is not only cost-efficient but also 100% legal with respect to a chosen legislation.


A large transaction amount ensures transparent and low commissions. The larger the deal, the lower are the commissions for our over-the-counter (otc) crypto trading service.

Negotiation Possibility

Potential buyer/seller negotiation possibility at any stage of a transaction. In case there might be any changes in your plans or concerns, you will always have a chance to renegotiate the deal.


Transactions are confidential and anonymous and conducted in compliance with all the personal information protection requirements (and supported by Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA).



  • No red tape and high efficiency: very often, exchanges require KYC/AML procedures that are difficult to carry out within a reasonable time.

  • Fixed price and infallible currency delivery: exchanges are technically incapable of offering a fixed price for BTC.

  • Limitless deposit and asset withdrawals: exchanges are highly regulated and with numerous constraints when it comes to withdrawals of large amounts of currency.

  • Complete security and safety: exchanges are primarily virtual unregulated platforms; there is a risk of cryptocurrency loss.

how it works


You fill in the form for a wanted BTC amount to be sold or bought.


Our client specialist gets in contact with you as soon as possible.


We thoroughly check the information you have provided in the form.


Our expert offers you buying/selling options available.


In case the offer suits you, we negotiate it further and close the deal.


The deal is closed; we get our commissions, you get the profit.

About service

Cryptocurrency hasn’t been around for too long yet and many people still find dealing with it confusing. What is crypto backed by? Is it worth buying/selling? Now or later?

Even though you may own some crypto, you still might be wondering how to sell large amounts of bitcoin. Or you may not know where or how to buy large amounts of bitcoin. In a nutshell, you have two options to choose from: OTC crypto markets and crypto exchanges. Each of them allows you to sell or buy bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. But which one is better for really big deals?

FYI, all large BTC trades happen on bitcoin-OTC markets. OTC market is the most convenient for large bitcoin holders who want to make the deal fast and anonymously. And BitcoinOTCBroker can help you do just that. So, if you don’t know where or how to buy large amounts of bitcoin, you’ve come to the right place. OTC bitcoin trading services like ours are your personal bitcoin OTC brokers that will guide you through the entire process.

Your personal bitcoin OTC broker will show you how to buy bitcoin in bulk or how to cash out large amounts of bitcoin. With our OTC BTC service, you can rest assured that your transactions are entirely anonymous since they are not listed on a public order book.

At the same time, knowing how to buy a lot of bitcoins in the most secure and safe way possible is a must. We are here to teach every large investor how to get a lot of bitcoins while staying unnoticed. Meanwhile, we ensure the protection of your crypto assets and personal information at each stage of OTC bitcoin trading.

Also, as one of the large bitcoin holders, you must know how to cash out millions in bitcoin without causing any substantial moves in bitcoin price. OTC bitcoin broker is your solution for fast, safe, and secure trading with large amounts of bitcoin.

Of course, you can buy or sell your bitcoins on specialized crypto exchanges.However, you have to be aware that exchanges are regulated and may have restrictions and trading amount limits. Only OTC market allows you to sell and buy bitcoin with no limit.

We help buyers and sellers interact, participate in negotiations, and close the deal in the most beneficial way for each party. We offer fixed prices and low commission rates. You can be sure that each transaction is legal since we deal with financial institutions of BTC-friendly jurisdictions only. Plus, you don’t have to waste your time waiting for a satisfactory price like you would with an exchange — bitcoin broker finds counter offers in no time.

Bitcoin OTC broker is ideal for large bitcoin traders who seek fast and secure BTC trading services. With our help you will find the best prices with almost no fees and restrictions. Sign up for TheJingStock and receive your perfect deal today!

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Note: the minimum deal is $50 000.

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