Buying and Selling Large Amounts of Bitcoin

One important thing to remember about OTC brokers is the volume of funds involved. Unlike traditional trading platforms, which list their orders in public order books, bitcoin brokers facilitate deals directly by matching available offers from buyers and sellers. This approach makes large deals preferable both for an OTC company and its clients. The former receives the opportunity to find better offers and improve the quality of OTC customer service. To the latter, large amounts of currency allow for fast and convenient execution of major transactions.
To be fair, OTC trades are not a one-size-fits-all solution. First and foremost, over the counter bitcoin services often have rather high minimal deal limits. While hardly a problem for organizations and institutional traders, this condition effectively restricts smaller clients from participation. What’s more, OTC companies have certain principles of operation that, if ignored, can severely limit the profitability of bitcoin brokerage. In other words, if you want to get the most out of your Bitcoin OTC experience, there are several things to keep in mind.


The Jingstock is the Best Bitcoin OTC Broker



We treat BTC OTC exchange with the highest level of responsibility when it comes to the security of our customers. Our platform is equipped in accordance with the standards of security of the US OTC market. On the client side, we offer the latest iterations of safeguards such as two-factor authentication to make sure only you can gain access to your funds.
In addition, our team constantly refines the security mechanisms on the platform itself. Not to bore you with loads of technobabble, we make sure that our OTC trading platform is as secure and trustworthy as the blockchain itself. In other words, we take care of all the complicated stuff to let you focus on trading bitcoin OTC without worry.


As an over the counter bitcoin service, we already have an advantage over traditional exchanges in that we can close deals within days or even hours. However, by this time, you probably figured out that any BTC OTC exchange can do the same, so we went one step further. In order to become the best platform to trade bitcoins, we have equipped our brokers with means to find deals as fast as possible.
First, our staff has a set of tools at their disposal to go through their books efficiently and match your bids with matching offers. Second, we have refined the registration process so that new clients can place their orders in the shortest time possible. Third, we have created several communication channels so that you are always within reach of your crypto liquidity provider. This means that the client will always have access to lucrative deals and stay in control of OTC trading hours.


Profitability aside, the search for the best website to trade bitcoin should start with the question of legality. This is especially true for the OTC US market, both in terms of scope and authority of its regulatory agencies. Fortunately, bitcoin brokerage in itself is not illegal in the United States. What’s more, the IRS has issued guidance on the taxation of deals involving virtual currencies.
We take these issues very seriously and maintain the compliance of our trades with jurisdictions of all major economies. When matching offers, our OTC bitcoin broker will also make sure that the trade does not violate any international laws and local legislation. To sum up, we cover all the legal technicalities so that you can focus on OTC BTC trading.


One of the strengths of bitcoin OTC trading service over a traditional exchange is fees. Every bitcoin OTC broker will charge some percentage for their services. However, the large transaction amounts allow us to keep the commissions as low as possible.
To go one step further, we also monitor several aspects of the OTC crypto market. Right now, the pace of change is staggering, so those committed to becoming the best bitcoin OTC broker need to react fast. We chose to do it by benchmarking our fees against major players in the field to stay competitive. Our service also offers a range of options for receiving your currency so that you could choose the one that suits you most.


One of the advantages of BTC OTC trading is being able to negotiate a better deal. Once the broker finds a suitable offer for trade, both parties are informed, and if the terms are right for both parties, the deal is closed. However, if one of the clients is not satisfied with the price or size of the order, they can always suggest other conditions.
The important thing to understand is that an OTC bitcoin broker is as interested in closing a deal as you are. This is why they will always try to arrive at a solution that is good for everyone. To become the best bitcoin OTC broker, we make sure that all such negotiations remain fair to both sides without creating a delay.


When somebody purchases cryptocurrency on an exchange, that purchase is made public for everyone to see. In contrast, the details of an OTC BTC deal remain known only to the buyer and the seller. This is especially important for large transactions that can easily unbalance the highly volatile market. In addition, such confidentiality is beneficial for institutional investors that wish to preserve sensitive financial information.
We aspire to stay on par with the best OTC bitcoin brokers in the USA currently has, so we take your privacy very seriously. All your personal data, trade history, and other sensitive information are stored and managed using the latest technological security measures. We also educate our staff on questions of client confidentiality to prevent unintentional information leaks.



  • No red tape and high efficiency: very often, exchanges require KYC/AML procedures that are difficult to carry out within a reasonable time.

  • Fixed price and infallible currency delivery: exchanges are technically incapable of offering a fixed price for BTC.

  • Limitless deposit and asset withdrawals: exchanges are highly regulated and have numerous constraints when it comes to withdrawals of large amounts of currency.

  • Complete security and safety: exchanges are primarily virtual unregulated platforms; there is a risk of cryptocurrency loss.

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You fill in the form for a wanted BTC amount to be sold or bought.


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Our expert offers you buying/selling options available.


In case the offer suits you, we negotiate it further and close the deal.


The deal is closed; we get our commissions, you get Bitcoins.

Benefits of Bitcoin OTC Customer Service

While the difference between exchanges and over-the-counter services is clear, choosing the best bitcoin OTC broker may be tricky. The sheer amount of questions is often overwhelming, ranging from simple ones like “Does bitcoin trade 24/7?” to nuances of fees involved. Here is a rundown of the benefits you should look for when choosing a partnership.

Lack of restrictions

As was already mentioned, many advantages of a bitcoin OTC service stem from large transaction amounts. For instance, most bitcoin brokers will have some sort of a lower limit, which may start somewhere in a $20,000 range and go as high as $500,000. However, there is rarely, if ever, a restriction on the maximum amount on an over the counter transaction. In the same manner, the number of deals on BTC OTC exchanges will be limited only by the number of offers available to a bitcoin OTC broker. In simple terms, you can trade as much currency as you want as long as an OTC BTC dealer has enough matching offers in their book.
In all honesty, this benefit can also be a drawback in some scenarios. While an BTC OTC trader can place as large an offer as they can afford, there is no guarantee that a crypto broker will have a matching amount of bitcoin for sale because the books are kept private. In this light, only the best bitcoin platforms can turn the lack of restrictions into an advantage.

High level of security and transparency

The private nature of order books may create an impression that OTC BTC exchanges lack transparency, which is not entirely inaccurate. However, this is not to say that no bitcoin OTC broker dealer is trustworthy. A bitcoin brokerage firm is still a legitimate financial entity that is subject to state and international regulations. In other words, customers of an BTC OTC exchange will enjoy the same level of financial transparency as other trading services.
In the same way, the involvement of a BTC broker creates an impression of compromised security. This perception is not entirely unjustified – the OTC bitcoin market is still in the early stage of development, so not all bitcoin OTC brokers USA has committed to strict security standards. This doesn’t mean, however, that nobody is to be trusted – the best bitcoin broker, or even that in the top tier, will certainly be able to demonstrate what has been done to protect your funds and personal information.

High liquidity

If you have any familiarity with the domain of large-volume trading, you already know that liquidity is among the main barriers to profitable trading. Basically, the more currency you buy, the higher the chance the deal will affect the market. This is especially true for bitcoin deals because the price of the coin is far from settled. This is especially true for public exchanges where placing a big order will cause the price of crypto to skyrocket.
In the worst-case scenario, a major investor may spend more, buy less, and send the entire market into disarray. Fortunately, bitcoin private exchange has none of these issues. A typical OTC BTC deal occurs between the buyer and the seller directly, with only the broker serving as an intermediary. Such a setup protects an over the counter transaction from impacting the price of bitcoin. At the same time, the best bitcoin platform will have access to large amounts of currency and, as a result, will be able to close bitcoin deals within a matter of days.

The ability to buy cryptocurrencies for fiat directly

Bitcoin has come a long way since its creation and is now recognized in some form or another by most regulatory bodies worldwide. This does not mean, however, that it has become readily available for consumers. Counter-intuitively, this is in part due to the involvement of fiat in OTC transactions. For a web OTC system, it is already challenging to comply with regulations pertaining to either crypto or fiat, let alone both. As a result, the trader may come to what is described as the best website to trade bitcoin only to discover that it can only be traded for other cryptocurrencies.
In the case of an OTC BTC exchange, many services will focus on at least one popular fiat currency alongside one or more crypto coins. Almost every OTC bitcoin broker USA currently has, as well as over the counter options in other parts of the world will accept USD.

Cryptocurrency is sent to the wallet immediately

Another important difference between a traditional exchange and an bitcoin OTC broker is the way the funds are handled. On an exchange, the transactions are processed internally as long as the customer chooses not to withdraw them. This means you are not really in possession of coins that are displayed in your wallet – the exchange just states that you do. To actually take control of your cryptocurrency, you need to request a withdrawal and wait until it is completed.
In contrast, on an OTC trading platform, the deal happens directly between the buyer and the seller. This means that as soon as you reach an agreement, the funds on both sides are released. For fiat, the transaction may take some time due to legal procedures. Bitcoin, on the other hand, will arrive to your wallet within a matter of minutes. This makes OTC trading the best trading platform to trade cryptocurrency when it comes to speed and the level of control.


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