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How many USD/EURO do you request? (indicate the amount and currency).
Тhe minimum deal is $50 000.
IM to contact you
Target conditions of the transaction (method of payment)
Gross (size of the total discount/markup by the direct Seller) *specify + or
Your preferred exchange to determine the price
The transaction procedure is fundamentally
Any bank(s) where the seller would prefer to make the deal? (list possible options)
Country(s) of the transaction
In what form do you have a confirmation of the resource (coins) from the Seller?
If there is no confirmation yet, how are you ready to confirm the availability of the resource? (check all possible options)
Where do you keep your BTC?
How many people are there in the chain of communications after you and up to the person who owns the resource or decides on the choice of the buyer of the transaction (authorized by the Mandate document)?
How soon after signing by the two parties between you and OTC-Shark NDA and IMFPA are you ready to provide the contacts of the person who, according to the information you have, is the closest in the chain to the Seller?

After you provide such a contact, the person responsible for the transaction will add you and the contact of the person you give to the general chat for the deal, which will include all the active transaction participants, known to us at the moment, including the closest known person to us from the other side of your Seller.

This step is critical to MAKE a deal, because the only realistic way to accomplish this is to QUICKLY create the most direct/open/transparent and at the same time controlled/secure for the intermediaries’ communication between the persons who own resources and are legally authorized to make decisions on a transaction in order to make sure:

1) each party personally heard/saw the other party, saw the availability of the resource from the other party, and increased their personal perception of the likelihood of a successful outcome to make the necessary steps;
2) parties agreed on the terms of the transaction personally and a joint action plan for a successful and safe exchange of resources for all parties.

In your opinion, how probable is it that the Buyer with whom you are in contact has the declared resource?
I confirm that the information I indicated in the form in paragraphs 1-17 is 100% authentic, because I personally verified it from the storage medium. The source of information is specified in paragraphs 1-4 (source name, contact). I have been informed that by deliberately or inadvertently providing false information in this form I can be put by the person in charge of the transaction on the worldwide blacklist on OTC-market with the mark “time-waster” or “scammer” and clearly realize that distortion of information by me may entail consequences for my business reputation up to the barring from operating in this market.
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